Celebrating 50 Years of Gioielleria Pennisi: A Golden Legacy in the Heart of Milan

This year, Gioielleria Pennisi proudly celebrates its 50th anniversary, marking half a century of excellence in the world of high jewelry. To commemorate this remarkable milestone, we hosted a special event in the opulent halls of Palazzo Serbelloni. This iconic venue provided the perfect backdrop for our exquisite collection, lovingly curated by the Pennisi family over the decades. As guests entered the grand hall, they were transported into a realm of beauty and history, surrounded by stunning jewelry pieces, each with its own unique story.

A Timeless Collection Spanning Three Centuries

Our collection is a journey through three centuries of high jewelry, from 1750 to 1950. As described in “Collezione Pennisi. Tre secoli di Alta Gioielleria” by Alba Cappellieri, published by Skira for this special occasion, our collection transcends geographic and thematic boundaries. It invites exploration into different times and places, from 18th-century Versailles to Grand Tour Italy, Victorian England, and Belle Époque Paris.

Founded in 1971 by Giovanni Pennisi, Gioielleria Pennisi began as a small venture rooted in Giovanni's passion for antique jewelry, rare stones, and objets d'art. Giovanni, a diamond dealer by trade and a collector at heart, continued the tradition of his mother’s family, who were jewelers and goldsmiths in Catania. Today, under the stewardship of Giovanni’s son Guido, alongside his wife Paola and sister Marina, the Pennisi legacy thrives. Gabriele and Emanuele Pennisi, who joined the family business in 2003, continue to uphold and expand the brand’s reputation.

Specialization in Antique Jewelry

Our specialization lies in collecting, evaluating, and trading antique jewelry dating from the 18th century to 1950, with a notable focus on 19th-century and Art Déco French jewelry. Our collection represents the pinnacle of craftsmanship and design from these periods. Gioielleria Pennisi has proudly collaborated with significant cultural institutions and exhibitions, including:

  • ANNICINQUANTA, Milan, Palazzo Reale, 2005
  • RAVASCO, Milan, Villa Necchi, 2015
  • TAMARA DE LEMPICKA Reina del Art Déco, Madrid, Palacio de Gaviria, 2018

Gabriele and Emanuele Pennisi have also played a pivotal role as Curators for the Icon Room at the Vicenza Jewelry Museum, the only Italian museum entirely dedicated to jewelry, for the 2019-2020 biennium. They are now part of the Museum’s Scientific Board, continuing to contribute to the appreciation of high jewelry.

The Pennisi Legacy

As we celebrate 50 years, Gioielleria Pennisi remains dedicated to showcasing the artistry and craftsmanship of high jewelry. Our collection not only highlights the aesthetic beauty of these pieces but also their historical and cultural significance. The celebration at Palazzo Serbelloni was not just an event, but a tribute to the enduring allure of high jewelry, curated with passion and expertise by the Pennisi family.

The opulence and timeless elegance of our collection continue to captivate collectors and enthusiasts. As we look to the future, we remain committed to preserving our legacy and sharing the enchanting world of high jewelry with our cherished clientele. Gioielleria Pennisi stands as a beacon of refined taste and a testament to the beauty that high jewelry brings to the world.

Visit us at our Milan boutique to experience the magic of our collection firsthand and become part of our journey through the fascinating history of high jewelry. Here’s to the next 50 years of Gioielleria Pennisi

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