Celebrating Gioielleria Pennisi's 50th Anniversary with "COLLEZIONE PENNISI 1750 - 1950: Tre secoli di Alta Gioielleria"

In honor of its 50th anniversary, Gioielleria Pennisi is proud to present a remarkable publication: "COLLEZIONE PENNISI 1750 - 1950: Tre secoli di Alta Gioielleria". This exquisite book, authored by the distinguished Alba Cappellieri and edited by Skira, offers an extraordinary journey through three centuries of high jewelry, highlighting the unparalleled artistry of the Pennisi collection.

About the Author: Alba Cappellieri

Alba Cappellieri is a leading authority in jewelry design and fashion, with an illustrious academic and curatorial career. A professor at both Milan Polytechnic and Stanford University, she presides over the Fashion Design Degree Course and directs the International Master Degree in Accessory Design, as well as the Specialization Course in Jewelry Design at Milan Polytechnic. From 2014 to 2021, she served as the Director of the Museo del Gioiello in Vicenza’s Basilica Palladiana, Italy’s first dedicated jewelry museum.

Professor Cappellieri’s contributions to the field extend beyond academia. She has authored numerous publications and curated some of the most prestigious jewelry exhibitions in Italy, cementing her reputation as a visionary in the art of jewelry.

Thematic Exploration: A Journey Through Time and Style

"COLLEZIONE PENNISI 1750 - 1950" unveils a treasure trove of historical and artistic marvels, tracing the evolution of high jewelry over three centuries. Each page invites readers to delve into the rich legacy of European jewelry, from the dazzling aigrettes of diamonds adored by Marie Antoinette to the opulent coral and cameo parures favored by Pauline Bonaparte.

The book showcases an array of spectacular pieces, including:

  • Micromosaic Masterpieces: Celebrating the intricate artistry of the Grand Tour era.
  • Sentimental Jewelry: Capturing the intimate emotions of Queen Victoria's time.
  • Imperial Splendor: Featuring a diamond ring monogrammed by Emperor Franz Joseph.
  • Art Nouveau Elegance: Highlighting the sinuous and nature-inspired designs of the early 20th century.
  • Déco Sophistication: Presenting the refined bracelets of the Art Déco period.
  • Mode Blanche Opulence: Showcasing platinum and diamond grandeur.
  • 1950s Delicacy: Displaying the exquisite bouquets crafted by renowned jewelers of the era.

This volume is a visual and historical feast, celebrating the diverse and intricate styles that define high jewelry from 1750 to 1950. It provides a rare glimpse into the craftsmanship, materials, and artistic movements that have shaped the collection of Gioielleria Pennisi.

A Precious Collection Unveiled

"COLLEZIONE PENNISI 1750 - 1950" serves as both a tribute and a chronicle of the Pennisi collection. It is a journey through time and style, showcasing rare materials, age-old techniques, and the brilliant creations of extraordinary goldsmiths. The book offers an intimate look at the jewels that have graced legendary women and marked significant historical moments, making it a must-read for connoisseurs and enthusiasts of high jewelry.

As the Pennisi family commemorates this milestone anniversary, this publication stands as a testament to their dedication to preserving and celebrating the art of fine jewelry. Each piece within this collection not only tells a story of its time but also embodies the timeless beauty and heritage of Gioielleria Pennisi.

A Celebration of Excellence

For five decades, Gioielleria Pennisi has been at the forefront of the high jewelry industry, curating and showcasing pieces that transcend mere adornment to become true works of art. "COLLEZIONE PENNISI 1750 - 1950" encapsulates this legacy, offering readers a chance to explore and appreciate the exquisite craftsmanship and historical significance of each jewel.

We invite you to immerse yourself in the splendor of this remarkable collection. Visit our boutique in Milan or explore our website to discover more about Gioielleria Pennisi and the extraordinary journey of "COLLEZIONE PENNISI 1750 - 1950: Tre secoli di Alta Gioielleria."

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